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Lets take your Investments to Next Level

Wisefex Ltd is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services. Whether you are an individual investor or a financial professional, or you represent a corporate or institutional investor, you can benefit from our expertise, stability, and reliable investment approach. Well, the UK Securities and Exchange Commission oversees the sale and trade of securities with the help of Self-Regulatory Organizations(SROs)Also licensed by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA).

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Work Process

Our Work Process

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    We are a leader in Foreign exchange and Cryptocurrency research and asset management

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    We offer various investment plans suitable for various levels of investors, including amazing opportunities for uptrades like the NFP & FOMC. We also offer an hedge fund bundle.

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    We help you grow your investments daily for lifetime.

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    You can place withdrawals at your convienience and you will be credited within 24hrs.

Why choose Wisefex Ltd

Why Wisefex Ltd ?

This is why we have an edge over other trading platforms and why you should choose Wisefex Ltd to grow and manage your investments.

Investment Options

we offer various investment options for all fields of life making the plans suitable for everyone including amazing opportunities for uptrades like the NFP & FOMC. We also offer an hedge fund bundle..

Legal Compliance

We conform and abide by the rules,policies,regulations and standards of our regulatory bodies.


Cross-Platform Trading

We support and provide cross platform trading giving you the right tools to trade through the use of advanced charting technology.

Payment Options

We have integrated a few payment gateways while using bitcoin as our major payment gateway because of its general acceptability.

Currency Calculator

Use our free and easy currency calculator to know the recent market price of bitcoin.

Trading Plans

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SN Username Amount Transaction Type Status
1 john34 $500 Deposit Approved
2 Crawford $1500 Deposit Approved
3 Lewis $2000 Deposit Approved
4 King265 $800 Deposit Approved
5 reas2 $5000 Deposit Approved
6 alex009 $10000 Deposit Approved
7 Mjade $4300 Deposit Approved
7 kara53 $600 Deposit Approved
7 dakat $4000 Deposit Approved
7 tesfy89 $4500 Deposit Approved
7 katepery9 $6000 Deposit Approved
7 dabesage $9500 Deposit Approved
7 seggzy $5000 Deposit Approved
7 kingsa $800 Deposit Approved
7 doaqk $600 Deposit Approved
7 karebit44 $1200 Deposit Approved


SN Username Amount Transaction Type Status
1 klef485 $200 Withdrawal Approved
2 james45 $1500 Withdrawal Approved
3 drawj $650 Withdrawal Pending
4 Homer $2430 Withdrawal Approved
5 Younce1 $6500 Withdrawal Approved
6 alex009 $10000 Deposit Approved
7 kaine2 $8000 Withdrawal Approved
7 Loretta $8500 Withdrawal Approved
7 grace2 $5500 Withdrawal Approved
7 luis $3500 Withdrawal Approved
7 kane23 $8500 Withdrawal Approved
7 drake230 $1100 Withdrawal Approved
7 keey020 $1100 Withdrawal Approved
7 grateke07 $1100 Withdrawal Approved
7 mighty50 $100 Withdrawal Approved